Artificial Floral Designs

We’ve all heard the story of the girl who got eleven real roses and a fake rose from a boy with the note that he would love her until the last rose died. Point is, the big draw with artificial flowers is that they are fake. But let’s face it, traditional artificial floral designs are as overdone as white wedding cakes. So let’s discuss some more unique artificial floral arrangements.

Another thing that is overdone is traditional garland. So why not merge the two and have artificial floral garland? You should be able to find some at Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby or even your neighborhood craft store. For those that are extremely arts and crafts like, there are ways to make silk or satin ribbon embroidery.

For the rest of you, if you visit Silk Plants Direct, you will find all kinds of artificial floral designs that you probably never thought of. There’s everything from the normal roses and daisies to an amaryllis to more exotic bird or paradise or even a banana flower.

Finally, if you ever considered an artificial wedding bouquet this would be an excellent place to go. If you hadn’t yet, please do. Think about it for a second–you only have one wedding so it should be something you would want to keep. Actual dead flowers can attract a lot of unwanted pests that you would not have had otherwise.